Maryna Eden Paris

Our Story

Breathe, feel the power in your breath, find in the air the key to your well-being ... More promises to keep than crises to solve in a partitioned world.  

Because how can we offer this new world, deprived of smell and seduction, the freedom to choose a mood, an escape, a moment of bliss? How to survive in this heavy atmosphere that has become of our reality? 


To answer it, two friends have decided to join forces around a product that is essential in these masked times when air deprivation oppresses us. Maryna Kovaltchuk, is an expert in the art of listening and life coaching, graduated in behavioral science and in love with human relationships. Julie Peugeot, is a benevolent entrepreneur and a mother in search of respite. It is from their gentle alliance that the aromatherapy diffuser for face masks was born. With these light and harmonious details, the diffuser is at the same time a creator of sensations, liberator of anxiety and benevolent jewel. Maryna Eden Paris is a new evidence to reconnect with our senses.